Original rice color rice straws

Original Rice Color

EncoBiO white straws are made of 100% rice powder and natural white color extracted from rice. Thanks to these ingredients, our rice straws have a perfectly pure white color. Also, as EncoBiO rice straws have a firm structure, they can be used with a wide variety of beverages ranging from fruit juices, smoothies to water and tea. After use, these items are easily decomposed without any harmful effects on the environment.

EncoBiO original rice color straws come with bunch of choices in terms of sizes for customers.

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Activated Carbon
Coconut Shells

The mysterious black color of EncoBiO rice straws is made of 100% rice powder and activated carbon extracted from coconut shells. These can be used with all types of drinks and completely safe for customers thanks to their 100% natural ingredients.

EncoBiO activatedd carbon coconut shells rice straws offer customer various choices regarding sizes. 

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Activated carboon coconut shells rice straws

Vegetables Shrinkage

EncoBiO vegetables shrinkage straws are preferable by many customers thanks to their 100% natural ingredients extracted from rice powder and pandan leaves. These components have brought excellent quality and a fresh green color to the rice straws. Moreover, EncoBiO rice straws can be flexibly used in any type of hot or cold beverage for up to 3 hours.

These impressive vegetables shrinkage straws come with many options regarding size for the consumers.

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Cream Carrot

The cream carrot color rice straws are a perfect combination between high-quality rice powder and natural color extrated from nutritious carrot. These item have attractive colors and it is such a pity to enjoy a tropical fruit cup of tea or cool smoothies without them. Besides, the completely natural ingredients of rice cream carrot straws also makes them a healthy choice for customers.

This item comes with a lots of size options to suit different requirements of customers. 

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Cream carrot rice straws
Turquoise color rice straws

Turquoise Butterfly
Pea Flower

Attractive turquoise color of butterfly pea flower mixed with high-quality rice powder have crystallized in the EncoBiO rice straws. These items are a perfect choice for all beverages including water, juices, smothies, tea and easily decomposed after use without causing any harmful environmental impacts.

EncoBiO turquoise butterfly pea flower straws come with a variety of size options to meet all customers’ requirements.

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Orange Gac Fruit

Gac – a Vietnamese popular fruit has been extracted to create a beautiful orange color combined with rice powder to make our rice straws. What else is better than enjoying drinks with environmentally friendly and healthy straws?

EncoBiO orange Gac fruit straws provide customers with a bunch of size options to exactly meet their requirements. 

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