Rice straws compared to other kinds of eco – friendly straws

Plastic pollution has drawn so much public attention and put pressure on companies and the government. So, many of them are looking for a solution to educate customer’s habit of using eco-friendly products. One of the most noticeable solutions is rice straws. The question is: Why rice straws? And How different are they compared to others?

Rice straws
Rice straws

Among disposable plastics used in daily life, plastic straw is one of the first needs to be reduced immediately. When it comes to biodegradable materials, paper will be the top – of – mind due to its popularity and availability.

However, a large amount of paper consumption will more or less pose a threat to our nature, which is completely against our initial purpose. Recently, manufacturers have turned to a new revolutionary material that could address the root of the mission of reducing plastics: RICE.

1. Why rice straws?

Firstly, rice is grown primarily in subtropical and tropical climates, and the main producers are in Vietnam, China, India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Indonesia. Vietnam is one of the leading countries in rice production, which makes it a great advantage for products whose main input material is rice.

Secondly, rice is so popular and used in many applications. It contains an essential component of the cell walls of plants – cellulose, which is also a biopolymer with high properties. Therefore, plastic straws can take up to 200 years or longer to decompose in normal environment conditions, rice straws made with 100% natural ingredients only take about a year to decompose into mass.

Rice straws
Rice straws are easily decomposed into mass

Besides, after using, consumers can cook it up and eat it like a rice noodle, or put it into hot water for several hours and feed it to fishes. And best of all, they last for up longer and don’t affect taste like paper straws or other eco-friendly straw options.

The ultimate goal is to balance customer’s convenience and eco-friendliness.

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2. How different are EncoBiO rice straws compared to other kinds of straws?

EncoBiO rice straws are made with rice flour and natural color from vegetables and fruits. No other additives, so when being thrown out to the landfill, they are literally feeding other animals and plants.

It is so obvious that rice straw brings benefits to the environment and consumer’s health as it is 100% natural and is easy to decompose in normal conditions. But how is it different from other types of eco-friendly straws available in the market?

Paper Straws & Rice Straws

When thinking about eco-friendly straws, paper straw may be the first one you think about. It is quite well-known now because of its reasonable price and availability.

EncoBiO rice straws
When thinking about eco-friendly straws, paper straw may be the first one you think about

However, what the majority of people do not know is that the single-use paper straws are very hard to recycle. Because most paper straws are contaminated with another material, therefore, are not accepted by recycling companies.

PLA straws & Rice Straws

The way marketers make people believe that PLA straws can decompose naturally is unrealistic. Yes, PLA straws can be decomposed, but it can only decompose in an industrial environment at a constant temperature. If not, they last on the ground as long as plastics do.

Bamboo straws & Rice straws

Bamboo is a very popular material in Viet Nam. That’s why it is nearly the first choice to be put into consideration when it comes to eco-friendly products. However, bamboo straw’s size is quite big so it causes lots of inconveniences for users thus they have to bring along the straw and clean it after use, not to mention the relatively high price.

Besides, bamboo straws are mostly hand-made and there are a few choices regarding colors for users.

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3. EncoBiO straws – the key to strike a balance between convenience and eco-friendliness

Being made of 100% rice flour and natural colors extracted from vegetables, rice straws are purely natural and safe for your health. After the dried process, rice straws are reinforced to be more resilient and smoother on the surface, which makes them more friendly to the users.

EncoBiO rice straws
Rice straws are purely natural and thus they are safe for your health

Furthermore, EncoBiO straws can also be made into various sizes and colors depending on customer’s requirements. Rice straws can be soaked in hot drinks for 1 hour and remain in cold drinks for even 3 hours. After use, rice straws can be turned into food or self – destruct after use.

Due to the comparison advantage, Vietnam is one of the best countries to make rice straws because the rice is more conducive to make them, and it’s warm year-round so it’s better to source materials.

VietMac currently has the capacity to manufacture about 12 million straws per month. However, we will not stop with rice straws. Our target is to provide customers with a bunch of eco-friendly single-use products: cutlery, cups… made from rice. We’re working very hard to change people’s small habits. Because even small changes can affect people’s mindset and awareness of the environment in a big way.

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