Customized EncoBiO rice straws


EncoBiO customized rice straws are specifically designed based on customers’ requirements in order to fit exactly with the users. Our Rice straws made of 100% natural ingredients are eco-friendly and even edible.


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Customized rice straws – Tailor made for customers

EncoBiO rice straws are tailor-made regarding size, technical properties, raw materials,… to meet specific requirements and rigorous standards of products from different customers, especially entrepreneurs. We ensure that our rice straws will fully meet all customers’ needs.

Customized rice straws – Environmentally friendly

Thanks to natural ingredients including rice powder and natural colors of vegetable, EncoBiO rice straws make user’s experience with drinks more perfect. After use, the products can be collected and turned into cattle feeds, thereby significantly saving the cost of waste disposal. In the event of being discarded, our rice straws according are also easily biodegradable as they are composed of natural components, thus contributing to the environmental protection.

Customized rice straws – Safe for human beings

One of outstanding advantages of customized rice straws is the healthiness. Thanks to their 100% natural ingredients, EncoBiO rice straws barely have any negative effects on users. Moreover, these products can be used as food (similarly as pasta) or collected to feed cattle. With a firm structure, EncoBiO customized rice straws can be used in all types of beverages under temperature from 5 to 70 degrees Celsius for a long time without any color fading, thus minimizing the impacts on the users. 


Diameter: Customized
Length: Customized