Big sized rice straws


EncoBiO big-sized rice straws made of 100% rice powder and natural colors are perfect choices for smoothie and juice drinking. After use, these items can be easily biodegradable or turned into cattle feeds, thus reducing a large amount of waste released and contributing to the environmental protection.


Product detail

Big-sized rice straws – Purely natural

EncoBiO rice traws size big are made of 100% natural ingredients including rice powder and natural colors extracted from vegetables. The products are especially suitable when enjoying juices or smoothies. With natural ingredients, EncoBiO big-sized rice straws are extremely safe for the health of users.

Big-sized rice straws – Convenient for users

Our big rice straws can be used with juices, smoothies under the temperature from 5 to 70 degrees Celcius for a long time without the phenomenon of color bleeding, thus bring users the greatest experience of drinks enjoying. 

Big-sized rice straws – Environmental protection

The biggest advantage of EncoBio rice straws size big lying at the biodegradability. After use, these items are edible as pasta thanks to their natural ingredients (rice powder and natural colors from vegetables). Besides, our big rice straws can be collected and turned into cattlel feeds, thereby saving significant waste disposal costs. In the event of being discarded, they are also easily biodegradable because of natural ingredients, thus reducing the amount of waste consumed and protecting the environment.


Diameter: 8 mm
Length: 220 mm