EncoBiO is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of customers’ information. Please process the Privacy Policy below to better understand our efforts on protecting our customers’ information.

1. Information collection purpose

EncoBiO collects, stores and processes customer information to serve the process of purchasing, transaction, warranty, goods return (if any), customer care as well as further information providing. The personal information may include, but is not limited to your full name, email, phone number, country and order information.

In addition, customer’s information is also used to make necessary measurements related to the Website, to audit the speed of data download, to improve website’s content as well as making customer’s research regarding demographic information, interests, behavioral flows, feedbacks,… to enhance customer’s experience.

2. Scope of using information

EncoBiO is committed to use personal information of customers for transactions processing and customers’ experience purpose only. We guarantee not to provide your personal information for any third parties or to use it for illegal purposes or for profit or non-profit purposes that may cause the customers inconveniences.

3. Data storage time

In accordance with local law, Customer’s personal information will be stored by EncoBiO within a suitable time to serve these above purposes.

4. Accessible parties 

The privacy of customers’ personal information is absolute and shall not be presented to any third party under any circumstances except for the permission of a competent authority.

5. Customers’ rights protection  

Customers are advised to carefully review product-related information including price, brand name, specific support services, terms of use, address, means of delivery, payment method, delivery time and payment time prior to registration.

Customers shall provide all relevant personal information such as full name, country, email, phone, … to serve the transaction processing and be responsible for the legality of the information. EncoBiO shall not take any responsibility for any complaints related to customers’ rights if the initial personal information provided is incorrect.

For any questions regarding EncoBiO‘s customers’ information collection and processing, please contact us via Email: or Hotline: +84 836 381 080.