How long do rice straws last?

Rice straws are becoming one of the most noticeable eco-friendly products due to their outstanding advantages compared to other kinds of products. However, there are still concerns about the endurability of rice straws. So how long do rice straws last exactly?

Rice straws
Rice straws

1. What are rice straws?

Rice straws are made of 100% natural ingredients including rice flour and natural colors. After being processed under heat, rice straws become tougher, thicker and more endurable in water. Therefore, they are an ideally replaceable solution to plastic straws, which have caused severe pollution to the environment. However, whether rice straws last for a long time is a problem worrying a lot of users when they are on the way changing from plastic straws to rice straws. So, what is the truth?

2. How long do rice straws last?


Typically, rice straws can bear the temperature between 5 to 70 Degree Celsius and its endurability depends on this factor. For hot drinks, rice straws last up to 1 hour. It is 2 hours for normal drinks and for cold drinks, it is up to 3 hours. Though it is not really a long period compared to other kinds of straws, it is acceptable and suitable to be consumed in our daily life.

Rice straws can bear the temperature from 5-70 Degree Celsius
Rice straws can bear the temperature from 5-70 Degree Celsius

After use

Biodegradability – the first factor needs to be put into consideration when it comes to eco – friendly products. Unlike plastic straws, due to completely natural components, rice straws are edible. They can be directly turned into food after use.

Even if they are not eaten by the consumers, rice straws last up to 3 months for maximum before they are decomposed into biomass without causing any harmful effects to the soil or creatures. Even if they end up in the sea, it is totally safe for marine life as fishes love that nutrious source.

Rice straws’ life cycle

In fact, rice straws’ life cycle makes it more friendly to human beings. Originating from rice, rice straws obviously have a much more sustainable source compared to metal straws or bamboo straws, not to mention the reasonable price that makes them far more affordable for most people. Finishing as human’s food or fertilizer, rice straws are what we have imagined about an eco-friendly product. By this way, rice straws last permanently in an isolated life cycle, thus minimizing negative effects on the environment.

Rice straws last for quite a long time if they are used properly
Rice straws last for quite a long time if they are used properly

What’s more? In ordinary temperature without insect infiltration, rice straws can be preserved up to 18 months after production date.

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3. Why EncoBiO rice straws?

100% biodegradable and natural

Being made of 100% rice flour and natural colors extracted from vegetables, EncoBiO rice straws are purely natural and safe for your health and the environment as a whole.

Various choices regarding sizes and colors

EncoBiO rice straws provide customers with a wide range of colors:

● White (Original Rice Color)

● Black (Activated Carbon Coconut Shells)

● Cream (Carrot)

● Orange (Gac fruit, Beetroot)

● Green (Vegetables Shrinkage)

● Turquoise (Butterfly Pea Flower)

This is a plus point of rice straws compared to bamboo straws and metal straws, which are difficult to print on or change colors.

Not only do EncoBiO rice straws last for a long time, but also go with a bunch of choices in terms of size to meet all customer’s requirements.

Sizes Diameter Length
Small – sized straws 6 mm 220 mm
Big – sized straws 8 mm 220 mm
Bubble – sized straws 12 mm 220 mm
Customized size Customized Customized


Customized products

EncoBiO rice straws will be produced based on customer’s requirements in terms of sizes, colors, characteristics,…to make sure that all products will exactly meet your expectation and fit perfectly for the end users. As such, output rice straws last for suitable time, which exactly meet customer’s requirements.

EncoBiO rice straws are tailor made for each customer
EncoBiO rice straws are tailor made for each customer


Unlike other kinds of straws required to be cleaned after use, EncoBiO rice straws are single use and in ordinary condition, these rice straws last up to 3 months before being biodegradable into biomass without harming soil and creatures in the environment. Besides, they do not require strict preservation. Normal condition without insect interruption and infiltration is enough for high – quality rice straws.


Due to the comparison advantage, Vietnam is one of the leading countries in rice production. Therefore, EncoBiO has a strong advantage of high – quality and competitive – price input materials, which results in a reasonable price compared to metal straws or bamboo straws. That definitely contributes to your cost deduction. Furthermore, our rice straws last for a long time, which surely meet all customer’s requirements.

VietMac currently has the capacity to manufacture about 12 million straws per month. However, we will not stop with rice straws. Our target is to provide customers with a bunch of eco-friendly single-use products: cutlery, cups… made from rice.

We’re working very hard to change people’s small habits. Because even small changes can affect people’s mindset and awareness of the environment in a big way.

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