1. Introduction

Welcome to EncoBiO official website!

By accessing our website, customers have agreed to our following terms. We reserve the right to modify, change, remove or add to any part of these General Terms at any time. After being changed, these terms shall come into effect as soon as it is posted on the Website without prior notice. Continuing to use the website after that means you accept those changes. Thereby, please check these General Terms on a daily basis to update our changes.

2. Goods providing

EncoBiO is ready to meet all commodity requirements from both domestic and foreign organizations or individuals. Depending on the requirements of each order regarding geographical location, delivery time, quantity and technical properties,… EncoBiO shall inform customers of the changes or conditions (if any).

3. Complaints policy

  • Claims will only be resolved within 7 days from the date of receipt.
  • Complaint resolution methods are agreed by both parties.

4. Obligations of the parties

Seller (EncoBiO)

  • EncoBiO shall receive order information from customers and provide them with the goods as per the order. 
  • EncoBiO shall keep customers’ information confidential and use customers’ information for transaction processing and customer care purposes only. 
  • EncoBiO shall receive and process customers’ complaints related to goods and services if such goods and services violate the contract’s terms.


  • Customers shall comply with the following but not limited to general terms, payment & delivery terms, return & refund policy and complaints policy that have been officially announced on the EncoBiO Website.
  • Customers shall provide all necessary information to serve the consulting, ordering and purchasing transactions under the contract.

For any questions regarding the general terms of EncoBiO, please contact us via Hotline: +84 836 381 080 or Email: