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Looking for rice straws for sale that are of good quality and at reasonable price? Confusing among hundreds of rice straws for sale callings from different wholesalers? Then why don’t you discover EncoBiO rice straws – The most trusted Vietnamese supplier. 

Rice straws for sale’s demand is growing year by year thanks to the proliferation of green consumption. This trend has its root in the increase of concern about environmental pollution due to plastic straws waste. 

According to some research, in just the U.S alone, about 500 million straws are used every single day. This figure stands at 25.3 billion each year in Europe. Because of fossil plastic’s components, plastic straws can’t be biodegradable by bacteria, thus resulting in their longlasting existence in our soil and water (which is up to 200 million years). Even if they are decomposed under specific conditions, it is costly and energy-consuming as polypropylene – the main element of plastic straws is categorized as a type 5 plastic, which is less commonly recycled. On the other hand, if not recycled, plastic straws are gradually disintegrated into microplastic. These small particles poison animals when they eat and contaminate our underground water.

In that situation, rice straws have emerged as an ideal alternative for plastic straws thanks to its outstanding characteristics as they not only meet customers’ requirements, but also assist in environmental protection. So how can you get the best rice straws for sale?

1. Why rice straws?

Rice straws are made of rice powder and natural colors extracted from vegetables and fruits, making them truly organic straws. Rice straws for sale are selected products that have been through manufacturing process and strictly tested to ensure all of them can meet standard quality. 

Rice straws eco-friendly products
Rice straws eco-friendly products

2. Rice straws for sale, what to take note?

The criteria you may not want to miss when choosing rice straws for sale include:

Waterproof ability

There is no denying that plastic has a wonderful characteristic which is waterproof ability. This makes them usable in nearly all types of drinks without worrying about the durability. Unlike plastic, straws with organic ingredients have lower level of water resistance as they tend to disintegrate or decay in water if held within a long time. This could be seen as a big disadvantage of eco-friendly straws. 

However, this is not for rice straws because after being processed, they are completely thick and stiff enough to meet the standard requirements. Normally, rice straws can be used in upto 3 hours without being disintegrated or going soggy. This figure may vary as a result of technology, formular processing and ingredients. In some cases, your rice straws fail to meet that point as they are used improperly or get problems with quality standard. Therefore, you should bear in mind this factor when choosing rice straws for sale


This might be the prerequisite when it comes to eco-friendly products. Thanks to their organic ingredients, rice straws can be biodegradable after use into biomass without harming the environment, thus significantly minimizing the environmental pollution. This process might be boosted if they are processed under factory’s specific conditions. Therefore, don’t forget to take this factor into consideration when making up your mind among different rice straws for sale

Small sized EncoBiO rice straws
Small sized EncoBiO rice straws


Another disadvantage of eco-friendly straws in comparison with plastic straws is definitely their looking. If plastic straws have unlimited various colors thanks to the component including diverse pigment, organic straws are far more monotonic as they take extremely high requirements regarding technology and ingredients to create completely natural colors. Therefore, to satisfy your end-users, remember to choose rice straws wholesalers who are able to customize colors as your request.

Reasonable price

Last but not least, a vital factor needed to be considered carefully is the price. Generally, Vietnamese rice straws for sale are at reasonable price thanks to the competitive advantage of raw materials. This not only provides manufacturers with high-quality materials but also minimizes negative impacts of the market on the input materials expense, thus giving Vietnamese rice straws for sale a leg up. 

3. EncoBiO rice straws for sale – the most recommended supplier

Crystalized from high-quality Vietnamese rice powder and selected colors extracted from natural ingredients, EncoBiO rice straws are completely eco-friendly. After use, they are automatically biodegradable into biomass (carbon dioxide, water,…), thus causing no negative impacts on the environment. Besides, these rice straws are also user-friendly as they can be put into any types of liquid in the temperature of upto 70 Degree Celsius without being soggy or disintegrated. 

Especially, EncoBiO rice straws can be turned into cattle food after use as they are made of 100% organic ingredients. This is a big plus point of rice straws, assisting in waste reduction as well as lengthen rice straws’ life cycle, thus saving a large amount on recycling. 

Rice straws for sale brand EncoBiO – How many types do we provide?

As being made of 100% organic ingredients, EncoBiO can provide customers with diverse types of products that are customized based on your requirements. 

Original rice color rice straws
Rice straws for sale in white color – made of 100% natural rice


Rice straws in black color extracted from carbon coconut shells
Black rice straws for sale are the perfect combination of rice powder and activated black carbon extracted from coconut shells.


Green-colored rice straws
Green rice straws for sale have its beautiful color made of vegetable shrinkage, which is subsequently mixed with rice powder to create a fresh and eco-friendly green rice straws.


Cream carrot color rice straws
Cream rice straws for sale are made of rice powder and orange color extracted from fresh carrot.


Turquoise butterfly pea flower rice straws
Turquoise rice straws for sale are the mixture of healthy butterfly pea flower and rice powder.


Orange color rice straws
Orange rice straws for sale are prefered thanks to its beautiful orange color extracted from Gac fruit and high-quality rice powder. 

Customized rice straws for sale

Most importantly, EncoBiO rice straws are produced by the state of the art technology and qualified experts to ensure the standard quality of the end-products. There are many sizes of rice straws for customers’ choices. Moreover, they are able to order tailor-made rice straws to create end-products that exactly meet their expectations.

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