5 reasons to immediately replace plastic straws with rice straws

As the market is experiencing a strong penetration of many types of eco – friendly straws, have you known which one to choose to replace plastic straws? If you haven’t found yet, why don’t you consider rice straws? 

Which is a solution to replace plastic straws?
Which is a solution to replace plastic straws?

1. What are rice straws made of?

The name says itself! Rice straws are made of 100% natural ingredients including rice and natural colors. Therefore, they are easy to decompose and completely safe for human beings. As such, replacing plastic straws with rice straws also brings you a healthy choice.

2. Why you should replace plastic straws with rice straws?

100% environmental friendliness

Researchers estimate that more than 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic has been made since the early 1950s but only 9% of them has been recycled. About 12% has been incinerated, and 79% ended up in landfills, dumps, and other places in nature, which resulted in the death of nearly 100,000 marine mammals per year including whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and sea lions, making plastic waste an alarming problem which poses a threat on human beings.

As the pollution has been more and more severe, it is very urgent to find a solution to replace plastic straws. So how exactly do rice straws fit for this?

Rice straws are made of natural ingredients including rice flour and natural colors. These components make it easily biodegradable and completely safe for health and the environment as a whole.

In particular, a rice straw can be decomposed within a short period after use (it is 500 years with plastic straws). Due to their organic components, they are harmless to the environment and even become food for creatures.

EncoBiO rice straws are easily decomposed
EncoBiO rice straws are easily decomposed

Besidese, as rice straws are made with 100% natural ingredients, they are edible for humans as well.

Sustainable materials

As rice – the main ingredient of rice straw is cheap and available in Viet Nam, it is much more sustainable to replace plastic straws by rice straws than bamboo straws or metal straws. We also have more suppliers with higher input materials quality and more competitive prices.

Besides, the development of rice straw production also paves the way to the surge of other industries including agriculture. On the contrary, the production of metal straws raises concerns regarding the waste released while the bamboo straws industry has exploded a large amount of bamboo trees and thus required close supervision and control from the authority.

Various choices regarding sizes and colors

As plastic straws are created by pigment, they easily deliver multiple colors to users, thus being more preferable. It once was a challenge for other eco-friendly straws as they hardly use artificial pigments, hence they seems to be less appealing, leading to the inconvenience to replace plastic straws with environmental straws.

However, thanks to the organic components, rice straws provide customers with a wide range of colors to ensure that they meet all requirements of the end users.

● White (Original Rice Color)

● Black (Activated Carbon Coconut Shells)

● Cream (Carrot)

● Orange (Gac fruit, Beetroot)

● Green (Vegetables Shrinkage)

● Turquoise (Butterfly Pea Flower)

This is a plus point for rice straws to replace plastic straws compared to bamboo straws (which are in big size) and metal straws (which are impossible to print on or change colors).

Besides, rice straws also go with a bunch of choices in terms of sizes:

Sizes Diameter Length
Small – sized straws 6 mm 220 mm
Big – sized straws 8 mm 220 mm
Bubble – sized straws 12 mm 220 mm
Customized size Customized Customized

User friendliness

Unlike other kinds of straws required to be cleaned after use, rice straws are single use that means users will throw them after use. Thanks to organic ingredients, rice straws can be automatically biodegradable in ordinary conditions without any harmful effects on the environment.

Rice straws can be automatically biodegradable without any harms to creatures
Rice straws can be automatically biodegradable without any harms to creatures

Besides, rice straws do not require strict preservation, normal condition without insect interruption and infiltration is enough for high – quality rice straws, which makes them a suitable option to replace plastic straws.

Competitive price

Due to the comparison advantage, Vietnam is one of the leading countries in rice production. Therefore, rice straws have a strong advantage of high – quality and competitive – price, which results in a reasonable price compared to metal straws or bamboo straws.

Lots of entrepreneurs say “no” to eco – friendly straws because of high expense, however, that will not happen to rice straws thanks to this advantage.

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3. EncoBiO rice straws – Both convenience and eco – friendliness

EncoBiO rice straws are new products of VietMac. With a view to developing new materials to replace plastic straws and minimizing the negative impacts of single-use plastics on the environment, VietMac is proud to provide our customers with the most excellent EcoBIO rice straws.

EncoBiO rice straws are new products of VietMac
EncoBiO rice straws are new products of VietMac

Currently, our capacity is about 12 million straws per month. However, we will not stop with rice straws. Our target is to provide customers with a bunch of eco-friendly single-use products: cutlery, cups,… made from rice. We are working very hard to change people’s small habits. Because even small changes can affect people’s mindset and awareness of the environment in a big way.

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